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Panmedical Services


In Panmedical you can have access to primary care , specialist care, mental health counselors, second opinions, and ancillary services.

Wellness Program

Our comprehensive wellness program includes fitness, yoga & mindfulness, nutrition, sleep management, stress management, hormone balance, and accountability for primary prevention.

Mental Health

A comprehensive Mental Health Program that caters to various needs, consultations including Psychistrists, Mental Health Counselors and Stree reduction.

Durable Medical Equipment

Online store for all the common medical equipment including wheelchair, hospital bed, nebulizer, glucometer, blood pressure monitor etc.

Sleep Managment

Snoring and sleep apnea are common problems. At Panmedical you can have a consultation with Sleep Specialist and get a sleep test done at home. (Home sleep Study)

End-of-Life Care

Includes Palliative Care and Hospice for those who are seriously ill and need comfort care as well as improved quality of life.