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New Doctor?

If you want to join our doctor panel, please click the link below (you will need to upload your certificates). 

Existing Doctor?

Please login using the link below to access Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of your patients. 

SPECIALTIES > Click for Doctor’s Panel



How do I know when there is a consultation request for me?

You will get an email regarding a new consultation request for a patient. A customer service representative will contact you to co-ordinate a video or audio call with the patient. You will get a link for a video call.

Who do I contact if I have a technical problem?

Please call or WhatsApp our support number at +91-88777-23444, or send an email to

Do I have to be on call if I am a panel doctor?

No, you do not have to be on call. We do not have a call schedule for urgent care at this time but in future we will have a call schedule that you can sign up for. 

Which specialty training do I need to be an Urgent Care panel doctor?

For Urgent Care we credential doctors from all specialties who feel comfortable in providing general practice care. The basic requirement is MBBS with one year rotating internship completed.

Do I have to access the patient medical records for every consultation?

Yes, once you are informed that a patient has requested a consultation, you will log in to his/her electronic medical record and check their history. Then you can connect with them based on their delivery option chosen, including telephone, video chat, or e-mail, and try to solve their problem. After discussion with the patient, you need to complete the documentation on the EMR template for the consultation to be considered complete. Then you will be able to sign off.

How much time do I have to contact a patient after a request?
What happens if I delay connecting with the patient?

Then you will get a call from the Panmedical representative reminding you to contact the patient ASAP. in certain cases, the patient may be reassigned to another doctor.

What if I can't reach the patient?

You can try three times but if still unable to reach the patient, please call our support number, or contact support by email at

If the patient was difficult what should I do?

You should document as much as possible in the EMR about your encounter then email about the patient with the name, MRN, and problem.

If the patient was travelling internationally can I still give advice?

Yes but you cannot write prescriptions for an international pharmacy.​