TV News 11 Interview

TV News 11 Interview

December 2021

Dr Tanu Shweta, CEO and co-founder of Panmedical, was interviewed by Jharkhand TV channel News11 Bharat. The emphasis was on the power of telemedicine and advancement of digital healthcare via technology. Dr Tanu has organized many digital health camps for the villages of Jharkhand over the last two years. In this process we have been able to provide basic medical care to hundreds of villagers without any access to healthcare.

Panmedical hired a local nursing assistant who lives in the village of Tonku. She was given all the tools to organize these virtual health camps including a smart phone, medicines, blood pressure machine, weighing scale, hot water bags to dispense to patients, and stationery. She was able to organize visits by a lab technician to collect blood and urine specimens for tests. She was given spending money to buy articles of need including life saving medicines.

This interview highlighted the need for good quality medical care in the rural areas of India and digital solutions via telemedicine. The future is bright. With artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring, Panmedical plans to reach the most interior parts of rural India to provide high quality medical care.

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