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New Group Client?

If you are a new group client, click below to register, or Call or WhatsApp at +91-8877-23444 for assistance.

Existing Group Client?

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Group Plan

Your members can get a same day video consultation with a doctor for their urgent non-emergency requirements.

We provide access to primary care, specialists, mental health counselors, second opinions (India and US doctors) and ancillary services (physiotherapy, dietician, etc.).

Group FAQ

What is the purpose of Panmedical's Group Plans?

Panmedical’s Group Plans cater to both Corporate (non-medical services) and Medical (healthcare delivery services) groups, offering tailored telemedicine solutions for convenient and cost-effective healthcare access.

Can any group register for Panmedical's Group Plans?

Yes, any group, be it a corporate entity or a medical service provider, can register for Panmedical’s Group Plans.

How does group registration work?

Groups can register for free with no deposit, add members as needed, and pay only when a consultation is requested for a specific member.

What tasks can a Group Admin perform?

The Group Admin manages the plan, maintains members (add/remove), and reviews member records. They have the option to perform self-service tasks or seek assistance from Panmedical Admin.

Can Medical Group Admin access member medical records?

Yes, Medical Group Admin has access to transactions, can request medical consultations, pay for consultations, upload medical records, and coordinate care.

Do I talk to a real doctor?
Yes, you talk to real doctors using phone, video chat, or e-mail. Most doctors are trained and certified in India but for second opinions you can choose from doctors trained in the USA at a fraction of the cost it would take to travel to USA.
What do I need to consult a doctor on Panmedical?
You need a smart phone or computer for video consultations, a regular phone for audio only calls, and email ID for email consultations.
I don't have a computer or smart phone. Can I still get service?
Yes. You can request an audio consultation on the phone and the doctor will call you to discuss your problem for as long as you need, including medication advice.
What about Corporate Group Admin?

Corporate Group Admin can review transactions but cannot request consultations or access member medical records.

How are Group Members added?

The Group Admin adds or removes members as needed. Members receive login credentials via email and WhatsApp and can manage their profiles, request consultations, and pay directly.

Can Group Members call for assistance?

Yes, Group Members can call Panmedical Support for assistance with various services.

How does consultation coordination work for Medical Groups?

Medical Group Admin can request, pay for consultations, access member records, and coordinate care. Panmedical Admin can assist when required.

Can a Group use a Case Manager for coordination?

Yes, a specific Medical Group can use a Case Manager for coordination. All communications will be done with the Case Manager, who can update medical records on their system.

How are Medical Records updated?

Medical Records can be updated by Medical Group Admin, Panmedical Admin, or Group Members.

How is a consultation requested and paid for?

Medical Group Admin or Members can request and pay for consultations directly. Panmedical Admin can also assist with payment using the provided method.

Can others join the video consultation?

Medical Group Admin or Members can request and pay for consultations directly. Panmedical Admin can also assist with payment using the provided method.

Are there partner services available for labs, imaging, and pharmacy?

Yes, patients have the option to use certain services from Panmedical Partners, including Labs, Imaging, or Pharmacy. Discounts may or may not be available from these partners.