Patients Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Patients understand that Panmedical is a Digital Health company.

Patients have signed up with Panmedical to receive Telehealth services, including Telemedicine consultations with a Doctor.

Patients can pay using one of the available options, including (a) on-demand payment for a single consultation when required, or (b) a concierge plan that covers consultations over the duration of the plan; this includes standard concierge plans, or promotional concierge plans with a specific referral code, or (d) coverage provided by employers to their employees (where employers pay, and its free for employees). 

Patients understand that payments made for consultations completed will not be refunded. 

Payment made for a partial period of the concierge plan will also not be refunded, and patients can continue to use services for remainder of that period.

Patients acknowledge that Panmedical’s services are meant for urgent, non-emergency services, and are not suitable for any emergencies that are best handled by a visit to a Hospital; please decide what’s the best for your situation.

Patients understand that our Doctors are not employees of Panmedical. They are independent medical service providers contracted by Panmedical to provide Telemedicine services to Patients through Panmedical. 

Patients understand that our Partners (Pharmacies, Labs, Diagnostic) are independent medical service providers contracted by Panmedical to provide expanded services to Patients. Patients will pay directly to those partners for any services provided by them. 

Usage of the platform implies agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. 

Dispute Resolution

Panmedical continuously strives for best patient outcome and highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Patients are encouraged to reach out to Panmedical customer support by email at or by phone or WhatsApp at +91=88777-23444 for any issues relating to payments, customer service, or quality of care. 

Our customer service representative (CSR) will immediately review the concern to take corrective action. 

Any payment issues will be discussed with our payment gateway (Cashfree) for resolution, and the CSR will get back to the patient within 24 hours on resolution to the issue. 

Refunds are not offered for consultation already completed. 

Any quality issues related to a consultation will be reviewed by our senior management, and patient will be offered another consultation with another doctor, who can review the case, and do an independent judgement and new prescription. 

If a patient has paid for a consultation and cannot attend the consultation, we will reschedule the consultation to a later more convenient time. In rare cases, if a patient just cannot attend a consultation, we may offer a refund to the same payment method.

Any decision to refund will be done by Panmedical only.

Refunds will be processed within 5 business days.

Any disputes will first go through Mediation, followed by binding Arbitration, in the court of competent jurisdiction. Process will be driven by applicable rules and procedures, including confidentiality of such proceedings.

Governing law will be in accordance with state of Delhi, India.  

All notices will be delivered to respective parties by registered mail, or nationally recognized courier service. 

Privacy Policy

Panmedical promises patients privacy and confidentiality. 

Panmedical collects and stores minimum data required from Patients, Doctors and Partners, to complete the authorized business transaction. We do not share data with anyone outside the company. 

Patients and Doctors use self-service to update and save their profile data and access required data to complete their relevant transactions. Patients receive Prescriptions and Invoices by Email and WhatsApp once the Doctor closes the consultation. 

Customer service representatives have access to certain patient’s and doctor’s data to assist patients with registration and queries, support doctors with scheduling, and manage consultation queues (dashboards).  

We do not store any credit card data in our system – That’s handled by our payment provider (Cashfree). 

Any bank account information captured for outbound payments is not visible on our UI (masked) after it’s saved, and that information is encrypted in the database. This is not available in a readable format to our support staff or developers.  

When a Patient opts-in for services that are provided by our partners like Pharmacy or Diagnostic, we may share minimum patient data as required by the Partner to complete the requested service.