Pinky Bank at Tumuktand

Pinky Bank, Tumuktand, Jharkhand

15th May 2024,

Pinky Bank sanitary napkin distribution was held on 15th May in the village of Tumuktand in Jharkhand. A total of 70 women recieved their monthly menstrual supplies. Young women expressed their gratitude and talked about how their health has improved as well as the help with cost of buying sanitary pads. Women decidedly showed less hesitation in approaching the local team. Slowly but surely, the taboo around this topic is being reduced.

Women are provided free sanitary pads in this villages because proper menstrual hygiene is essential in preventing infections like bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections. Sanitary pads help keep the genital area clean and dry, reducing the risk of such infections.

Access to free sanitary pads empowers women and girls by giving them control over their menstrual health. It helps maintain their dignity and self-esteem, reducing potential embarrassment or discomfort associated with menstruation.

In these rural areas families facing financial constraints, purchasing sanitary pads may be a significant expense. Providing them for free helps alleviate this economic burden and ensures that all women and girls can manage their menstrual health with dignity.

Providing free sanitary pads helps ensure that women and girls have access to essential menstrual hygiene products, regardless of their socio-economic status. This promotes good menstrual hygiene practices and reduces the risk of infections and other health issues.

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