Your team is doing such a great job. Amid this pandemic we were unable to find a doctor but Panmedical helped us during that tough time and were always available to help us. We are thankful to each and every member of your team for initiating this service as it was online and thus flexible for everyone. Thank You.

Kishlay, Ranchi


I consulted Ms Aastha Saumya on Panmedical for a counseling session. She is really good at what she does. She is nonjudgemental and has patience. She is a good listener. I have improved myself a lot post-therapy and it’s seen in my day to day life now. I followed whatever she told me to do and it has brought a big change in my life.

SS, Bengaluru


I consulted Ms Aastha Saumya at Panmedical for counseling. The session was really good. Aastha is a wonderful therapist. She is patient, sensitive and makes the other person feel super comfortable. I am definitely thankful to have her as my therapist. Best wishes and regards.

RA, Patna


My whole family is registered with Panmedical. They are always available for a consultation with a doctor. A very professional team with very good doctors.

CKV, Bengaluru


We say God saves lives but for me the timely consultation with a Panmedical doctor and her advice to visit the nearest hospital immediately saved my life. The team truly cares for the patients and their health. Very impressive. I thank you for helping me. 

SN, Ranchi


The team of Panmedical is very good. These people care for their patients. Very good doctors on call. 

AD, Ranchi


I never saw a patient being treated via telemedicine and now I am a firm believer of how technology can help mankind. Panmedical is doing great work. My best wishes. 

RK, Siwan (Bihar)


When you are at home and need to see a doctor Panmedical is available. The doctors are very cooperative. Many thanks for helping me. 

SK, Mumbai