Your team is doing such a great job. Amid this pandemic we were unable to find a doctor but Panmedical helped us during that tough time and were always available to help us. We are thankful to each and every member of your team for initiating this service as it was online and thus flexible for everyone. Thank You.

Kishlay, Ranchi

I consulted Ms Aastha Saumya on Panmedical for a counseling session. She is really good at what she does. She is nonjudgemental and has patience. She is a good listener. I have improved myself a lot post-therapy and it’s seen in my day to day life now. I followed whatever she told me to do and it has brought a big change in my life.

SS, Bengaluru

I consulted Ms Aastha Saumya at Panmedical for counseling. The session was really good. Aastha is a wonderful therapist. She is patient, sensitive and makes the other person feel super comfortable. I am definitely thankful to have her as my therapist. Best wishes and regards.

RA, Patna

My whole family is registered with Panmedical. They are always available for a consultation with a doctor. A very professional team with very good doctors.

CKV, Bengaluru

We say God saves lives but for me the timely consultation with a Panmedical doctor and her advice to visit the nearest hospital immediately saved my life. The team truly cares for the patients and their health. Very impressive. I thank you for helping me.

SN, Ranchi

The team of Panmedical is very good. These people care for their patients. Very good doctors on call. 

AD, Ranchi

I never saw a patient being treated via telemedicine and now I am a firm believer of how technology can help mankind. Panmedical is doing great work. My best wishes. 

RK, Siwan (Bihar)

When you are at home and need to see a doctor Panmedical is available. The doctors are very cooperative. Many thanks for helping me.

SK, Mumbai

Panmedical’s dental service deserves a standing ovation. I received prompt advice for a dental emergency, and they even went the extra mile to help me find a local dentist for follow-up treatment. My smile owes them a debt of gratitude!

AJ, New Delhi

Panmedical’s physiotherapy service has been my partner in recovery. The physiotherapist’s expertise and the personalized exercise plan have sped up my healing journey. Their responsiveness has been a silver lining.

NJ, Ranchi

I was grappling with a rare medical condition, and Panmedical made the process of connecting with a super specialist feel like a walk in the park. Their unwavering support and stellar follow-up are praiseworthy.

RG, Gurugram

The psychiatrists on Panmedical are the epitome of professionalism. My experience with them was seamless, and the platform’s security features kept my mind at ease. The follow-up care adds an extra layer of excellence.

PK, Haryana

I entrust my health to Panmedical, and they never cease to amaze. Whether it’s specialist consultations or advice from general physicians, the speed of their responses and their diligent follow-up support sets them apart.

PNJ, Ranchi

Panmedical’s dieticians have been my secret weapon for better nutrition. The personalized meal plans are spot-on, and the dieticians’ consistent follow-up keeps me motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

MR, Patna

Panmedical is a trusted source for expert medical advice. Whether it’s a second opinion or a specialist consultation, they ensure you’re in good hands. The follow-up care underscores their commitment to patients.

RM, Mangalore

Panmedical’s comprehensive approach to healthcare is genuinely awe-inspiring. I’ve taken advantage of various services, and every time, their prompt responses, knowledgeable doctors, and unwavering follow-up have made a significant impact on my health journey.

MM, Chennai

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of online psychiatric consultations, but Panmedical proved me wrong. The psychiatrist I consulted was nothing short of a professional virtuoso, and the platform’s privacy features instilled a sense of security in me. Kudos!

TS, Bengaluru

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Panmedical for their mental health support. I’ve had the privilege of online therapy sessions, and the therapists, with their genuine concern, helped me navigate turbulent waters. Their follow-ups are a testament to their commitment to patient well-being.

RG, New Delhi

Panmedical online consultations with specialists have been a lifesaver for me. The doctor I consulted with was not only brilliantly informed but also showed an incredible degree of empathy. The follow-up was prompt, and I felt genuinely cared for.

PK, Gurugram

I’ve been a regular user of Panmedical for general physician consultations, and they never cease to amaze. The doctors are not only competent but approachable as well. The platform’s ease of use is something to marvel at. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the quick responses to my health queries.

RM, Ranchi

Dr. Saif from Panmedical’s General Physician service is a gem. His prompt responses and insightful advice have been invaluable during my health queries. A reliable source for medical guidance!

NB, Gurugram

Dr. Akanksha Jha’s expertise as a General Physician on Panmedical has been a boon. Her thorough evaluation and clear explanations put my health concerns at ease. Highly recommend her services!

A, Ranchi

I consulted Dr. Poonam Chaudhary through Panmedical’s General Physician consultations. Her compassionate approach and attention to detail in addressing my health issues were commendable. Grateful for her assistance!

AV, Bengaluru

Dr. Prantik Paul’s guidance as a General Physician via Panmedical has been exceptional. His comprehensive advice and follow-up care demonstrate a genuine commitment to patient well-being. Kudos to his professionalism!

AS, Bengaluru

Dr. Kapil Sud, the IM Specialist at Panmedical, is a remarkable professional. His expert insights and meticulous approach in managing complex health issues deserve high praise. A true specialist in every sense!

SD, Hazaribagh

Aastha Saumya’s guidance in Mental Health Counseling through Panmedical was invaluable. Her patience and skill in navigating mental health challenges are commendable. Grateful for her support!

AR, Kolkata

Dr. Kapil Sud, the IM Specialist at Panmedical, provided exceptional care. His attention to detail and proactive approach in managing my health concerns showcased his expertise. Highly recommended!

AM, Bengaluru

Dr. Sahil Grover’s expertise as an Oncologist through Panmedical was exemplary. His detailed explanations and compassionate demeanor made a daunting situation more manageable. Highly recommended for oncology consultations!


Dr. Akanksha Jha’s consultations as a General Physician on Panmedical were reassuring. Her thorough evaluation and practical advice instilled confidence in navigating my health issues. Grateful for her expertise!

DJ, Patna

Dr. Saif approach as a General Physician on Panmedical was highly professional. His clear communication and timely guidance were instrumental in addressing my health concerns. Highly recommend his services!

KMA, Ranchi