Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a transformative healthcare technology that enables the continuous tracking of patient health data outside traditional clinical settings. We at Panmedical are proud to offer an RPM service that leverages advanced digital tools to record and transmit vital health information from the comfort of the patient’s home to our healthcare providers.   Embrace the future of healthcare with Panmedical, where patient wellness is monitored seamlessly, ensuring peace of mind and a healthier community

RPM Devices

Spotcare Health Station

* Portable pocket-sized device
* Rapidly measures 60+ bio-markers
* In a patient’s home or Clinic
* Hospital-grade accuracy
* Easy to use
* Transmits results to Cloud EMR
* Remote Doctor interventions

Hand-held portable ECG Monitor

• Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition
• Direct transmission of ECG trace to App & Cloud EMR
• Instantly available for remote access by Cardiologists
• Live ECG interpretation & signed reports from Cardiologists
• Pocket size & lightweight < 100 gms
• One touch operation for monitoring & recording
• Reports can also be shared by email / WhatsApp
• CE-MED Certified