Pinky Bank at Ruruk Kocha, Jharkhand

Pinky Bank, Ruruk Kocha, Jharkhand

30th June 2024

Sanitary napkin distribution done at Ruruk Kocha, a remote village in Jharkhand on June 30th 2024. This is the fifth Pinky Bank and distribution was held in a school with permission from the local authorities and school teachers as well as families. A total of 100 girls in 4 schools recieved sanitary pads as part of a hygiene program. We have pledged to do a monthly distribution for all the teenage girls and menstruating women in this village. This is the first time they will be using pads.

This village is so deep in the jungles that it is not accessible by most means of transportation. It’s 15 km away from our assistant Nancy’s home and she rides a scooter with the sanitary napkin supplies to distribute them to school going girls. Women from this village heard about our bank in a neighboring area and called Nancy to see if we could send them sanitary napkins too. Of course we could! These young girls have never used sanitary pads before and recycled old pieces of cloth during menstruation, often leading to infections and other illnesses.

As awareness about menstrual hygiene grows, we remain deeply committed to empowering young women and girls towards healthier lives! It costs only Rs 100 or $1.20 a month to sponsor one woman. That is only $15 a year.

If you want to build your legacy join us in helping these vulnerable women!

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