Telemedicine is a rapidly growing component of medical care across the world in which clinical healthcare services are provided using telecommunication technology. In India its application has incredible potential in providing easy access to medical care for millions of people who live in remote places, have poor transportation resources, or are too busy to take time off for hospital or clinic visits.

While telemedicine does not replace the traditional face-to-face visit with the doctor, it can provide a safe and cost-effective way to get medical care for acute illnesses as well as chronic diseases. We provide domestic and international telehealth consulting services for urgent care, psychiatry, disease management, and second opinions.

Our mission is to deliver high quality, convenient, and affordable medical care using an innovative platform that will connect patients to highly accomplished and competent doctors via video calls. Ancillary services like smoking cessation, dietary advice, therapeutic lifestyle modification, and diabetes care will also be available by our paramedical providers like nurses, therapists, and nutritionists.

We have built an integrated and highly sophisticated technological solution that will allow a dynamic interaction between patients and doctors in real time.

Healthcare providers will be able to access critical patient data on an electronic medical record system completed by the patients themselves or by our customer service representatives on any device using the Internet.

Patients will be able to consult specialists of their choice by either connecting to a customer service representative on WA or phone call or by using our web portal online to request a consultation with one of our panel providers.

Choosing from a wide array of services, specialists, and delivery modes to take care of your own health as well as of your family has never been easier.

Mobile telephony can provide access to expert medical care from remote places, either on audio or video using our mobile phone app.

Our doctors are available to answer your questions and take care of your illnesses round the clock.

We also have US based doctors for second opinions on complex disorders. Instead of spending lakhs of rupees in traveling to America for consultations, you can now obtain second and third opinions for a fraction of the expense from your home by uploading all relevant documents, imaging, and reports on the web-based electronic health record system that is provided free of charge to you.