Panmedical Retreat

Our first formal retreat was held on January 15-16, 2024 at Leela Palace Hotel in New Delhi. Besides team building and brainstorming sessions, a formal event was organized attended by stalwarts in the healthcare field and startup world. The guest speakers included…..

Panmedical Team Building

At Panmedical, we believe in the power of teamwork and fostering strong relationships within our team. From shared breakfasts to strategic meetings, every interaction is an opportunity to connect and collaborate. During our recent evening meeting on the 15th, we delved into crucial topics, shaping the future of……


Jeevika August 21st, 2022 Jeevika  August 21st, 2022 Panmedical organized Jeevika, a seminar on the concept of telemedicine in Ranchi in the Jharkhand state of India. This was attended by the Honorable Member of Parliament Ms. Mahua Majhi and Honorable Mayor of Ranchi…

Jharkhand Health Camp

Jharkhand Health Camp August 2022 Jharkhand Health Camp August 20th, 2022 Panmedical team conducted its largest on site health camp in the village of Tonku in Jharkhand state of India. A total of 90 patients were taken care of under the care of three doctors. Despite…

Digital Health Camp

First Digital Health Camp Nov 28th, 2021 First Digital Health Camp Nov 28th, 2021 Panmedical team organized its first free digital health camp this week. The camp was virtual with the doctor in America and patients in india. A total of nine patients were seen by Dr…

TV News 11 Interview

TV News 11 Interview December 2021 TV News 11 Interview December 2021 Dr Tanu Shweta, CEO and co-founder of Panmedical, was interviewed by Jharkhand TV channel News11 Bharat. The emphasis was on the power of telemedicine and advancement of digital healthcare via…

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